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this list never shrinks

My "to read" list is always ever-growing! I've put on a lot of Asian-American authors writing things other than That Infernal Immigrant Story, which I'm always excited about, but they don't always end up my favorite reads -- I guess I still tend toward comfort genre stuff, like a tropey regency romance, or cozy mystery, or fantasy quests. (The Astreiant series is fun for me, a combination of mystery/crime-solving and fantasy world. Julian Kestrel mysteries was another good blend of regency historical plus mystery murder.)

I finished the original m/m royal arranged marriage in spaaace story, The Course of Honor by avoliot, recently after patiently waiting a couple months for the full thing to be posted. It is utterly delightful and worth it. The world and the characters are charming and offer a fun blend of real emotional tension (emotional h/c!), political intrigue, and tropes (sharing a bed for warmth!). I could live for another story or two in this world, but I'd like to see if the author does anything else either.

Soon, it will be June, and I will make a lengthy book post. This is what I look forward to in fandom now, more so than really participating in fandom at all. (Still reading fic and reblogging art/pretty pictures, but that seems to be an okay balance for me along with work, politics, real life, and so on.)
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It is so hard to keep the 'to read' list to a manageable level. Especially when I decide to reread some favourite Discworld novels...
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Thanks for the rec! It was a fun read