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My "to read" list is always ever-growing! I've put on a lot of Asian-American authors writing things other than That Infernal Immigrant Story, which I'm always excited about, but they don't always end up my favorite reads -- I guess I still tend toward comfort genre stuff, like a tropey regency romance, or cozy mystery, or fantasy quests. (The Astreiant series is fun for me, a combination of mystery/crime-solving and fantasy world. Julian Kestrel mysteries was another good blend of regency historical plus mystery murder.)

I finished the original m/m royal arranged marriage in spaaace story, The Course of Honor by avoliot, recently after patiently waiting a couple months for the full thing to be posted. It is utterly delightful and worth it. The world and the characters are charming and offer a fun blend of real emotional tension (emotional h/c!), political intrigue, and tropes (sharing a bed for warmth!). I could live for another story or two in this world, but I'd like to see if the author does anything else either.

Soon, it will be June, and I will make a lengthy book post. This is what I look forward to in fandom now, more so than really participating in fandom at all. (Still reading fic and reblogging art/pretty pictures, but that seems to be an okay balance for me along with work, politics, real life, and so on.)
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It's only been two months since my last books post? It feels like longer though I'm not sure if that's because I read more or not. I guess I'll keep track through May and then do the usual three-month round-up.

The problem with trying to use DW to journal is that it crossposts with my public fandom journal, the one where I have far less to say these days, and not my personal journal. I have no idea what I want to do with that one, though these days I'm getting the highlights down on a physical journal every day so there are more infrequent updates over there as well. Sometimes it's nice to have a longer post to muse aloud. And sometimes I try to avoid all that musing, so maybe therein lies the problem.

Had a quick Vegas trip this past weekend with my friends to see the Backstreet Boys in concert, and they were old and so were we, but we all had fun and it was super worth it. We also managed to escape tourist trap city (i.e., The Strip) briefly to go eat in the glorious suburban wilds, where we got amazing taiyaki (fish ice cream!! I love calling it that because it's both true and sounds terrible) and then handmade Asian noodles. Damn, foodie paradise at all price points.

So the Vegas feels lingered after getting home, so along with some Elvis ("Viva Las Vegas" and "A Little Less Conversation"), I rewatched Ocean's Eleven and rediscovered my love for slick-talking well-suited dudes pulling off cons and heists. And that Danny/Rusty dynamic is still understated great. Shame the fandom never got big enough to get fanvids, or so it seems. Or maybe the movie was just one long one...

Well, more on everything later; now to cook and to drink! And to figure out all the things going on this week/month.
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Latest Yo, Is This Racist? podcast featured the guest, comedian David Gborie, who was talking about his complicated relationship with rap: how he wasn't really there, personally, for the artsy struggle stuff, the rap by Kendrick or A Tribe Named Quest or the kind of rap that basically becomes accessible for white people. That stuff is still incredible and he's glad it's being made, but for him, it was kind of retreading stories he already knew and didn't really want to spend more time on in his music. He wanted rap that makes him feel good: stuff that's written off as not high-brow or arty enough, I suppose. The stuff about making millions and getting all the girls and being a badass, etc. It sounds silly when phrased from an prissy middle class Asian-American woman who isn't into rap, so I'm sorry for that, but hopefully you get my gist. (Jay-Z was his example.)

But it made me realize that's pretty much how I feel about Asian-American immigrant stories. Joy fucking Tan and her endless mother issues and all the angst about languages and being a child torn between two worlds, and the struggle our parents went through, and our struggle now. Look, god, these are important stories to be told, for sure. I'm glad they're being told. I'm glad they have the impact for whoever reads them, whether it's other Asian-Americans who identify with it or non-Asians who get a glimpse into what it's like and gain a little more empathy. But, man, that shit is not for me. I'm tired of these stories. This is not where I want to spend my time or energy. Give me Asian-American stories about space operas or superheroes or boarding school murder mysteries, or debonair spies (mentally casting John Cho), or high fantasy that utilizes Chinese mythology but follows the hero's journey tropes and archetypes. I'm into that. I want stuff that makes me feel good and is fun. And that's as legit as the other stuff, but there's a pervasive sense that anything fun isn't high-brow or true art, and anything true to type of its genre is just not breaking enough ground to be noteworthy.

Fuck it, let me have my escapism. Real world's tough enough and if we have a limited time here, shouldn't we try to fill life with things we enjoy?

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