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Taemin's new song/dance is slutty as hell and I love it.

Read Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend on Friday, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han on Saturday, and both were delightful in very different ways and made me happy. Meant to read or at least start City of Thieves by David Benioff on Sunday but instead I took a sharp detour into BNHA fic even though I know nothing about the canon or the characters, really. It was a strange experience.

Made baked maple mustard chicken thighs tonight with some roasted vegetables (squash, tomato, onion) and wrapped a piece of jalapeno bacon around the chicken at the very end. It was all very tasty! Small thighs and more vegetables, so I'll count it in the relatively healthy column. Now what to make for tomorrow...something Tex-Mex with the leftover chicken plus black beans and corn, maybe.

I had some thoughts about sports...mostly how it's a trap.
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Update on the last post is that we only made it to 3 of 4 commitments, because our last one (joining friends for Sunday BBQ lunch) ended up a wash due to Kevin having to go to the ER Sunday morning. Acute neck pain out of nowhere. We were worried it might be a slipped disc, but x-rays didn't show any cause, so the doctor ruled it likely just a freak muscle spasm and prescribed him some drugs (painkillers, muscle relaxants, etc.) and a day or two off. After the course of the week he's doing better and returned to a slow day of work on Wednesday and is now back enough to normal he's on a short weekend trip to Mexico City with some of his students.

On the other hand, I've been sleeping poorly all week and it is going to catch up to me this weekend. I really want to just read and sleep, but I still have errands to run tomorrow morning and I have to do laundry and cook and those general adult responsibilities...

We celebrated Valentine's Day by getting each other flowers because I love fresh flowers in the home. They're so pretty and smell so nice, and my houseplants are alternately thriving and dying. It's frustrating to figure out. My office plants are doing well at least! We also went out to a Valentine's prie fixe dinner at Maison Pucha, which is a fancy restaurant in the neighborhood we've been meaning to try. It was really, really good. The soufflé was a delightfully delicious cloud. I'm a fan.

Realizing I'm really into experiences these days -- food, of course, but also time with people, whether it's happy hour drinks or board game days or bougie things like the ballet or concerts. Bought tickets to Epik High in Houston mid-April, and Sarah might be able to come to Houston to visit me and go to the concert with me! Which would be a lot of fun. And the Broadway Aladdin show is touring in Houston in early July, so I'm going to look into those for Kevin's birthday present, since we'll be spending his actual birthday mid-May on a plane to China, for a two-week visit with my family. At long last. Bought the flights, gotta just get through the visa applications now.

Life continues! Work was quieter this week but picks up next week into a two-week frenzy. I'm going to have to shore up on extra sleep this weekend!
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I signed myself up for four social commitments this weekend because I want to get them all out of the way and not leave my apartment next weekend. So far, three out of four done!

First: Friday evening happy hour with former AIG coworkers -- which I found out when I arrived that my former boss had invited himself to, so that was slightly awkward. But it was a total of 10 people and nice to see everyone and chat a bit. I stuck to my resolution of only one drink, but still ended up there for two hours before being the first to leave, but it had been a long week and I was tired.

Today: board game day with friends, where we brought some drinks and rice krispies to Chan's house and then played a long game of Unstable Unicorns. It's such a cutely illustrated game but one that's also fun to play. From there we went straight to a work networking party -- through work I'd been introduced to someone prominent in the local Chinese community, who invited me to a special CNY party at Peking Duck Restaurant. Kevin and I went and had some food and wine and networked. I passed out my business cards and got some in return and made conversation and chatted with all of the important people who helped organize the party. I also got a photo with Neil Bush (one of George H.W. Bush's sons -- I guess the least well known one given George W. and Jeb!) that I didn't ask for. But hey, there it is. It felt so adult and foreign and I still half-hated it but it also seemed to go well.

Tomorrow: meeting friends early to drive south 30 minutes for some famous barbecue that sells out fast, so we gotta get there early enough to get in line and wait. Haven't had barbecue in a while so it should be good. And then I'm gonna hunker down and read! Do some laundry maybe! Get ready for a busy but slightly less hectic week leading into a quiet weekend where Kevin is out of town (traveling to Mexico City with students on a case competition).

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