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I swear every plant I put into this red pot is cursed and keeps dying on me. Or...I need to stop buying ferns or succulents because I can't fucking figure them out compared to all my other plants.

Our fancy fundraising gala, Asia Society's Tiger Ball, took place last Friday. It was very successful and gorgeous and I got to wear a fancy dress with fancy hair. It was fun! I'm glad it went well, but also glad it's only once a year and things will calm down a bit. Well, our programs and other planning continue, but the overall mood of the office won't be quite as stressed around this one major event.

Read Georgette Heyer's The Unfinished Clue and Eden Finley's Deke this weekend, and now gotta tackle my waiting sequels: Crooked Kingdom in the Six of Crows series and Wundersmith in the Nevermoor series.

Saw The Lego Move 2 last weekend and the songs keep getting stuck in my head. Tiffany Haddish's songs in particular are fucking fantastic.
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Ali Velshi event last week went well, and I got to enjoy the fancy post-program dinner with our special sponsors. Ali is very nice and accommodating, and I wrote a write-up about the event here, though it went through two editors who wanted different things so I honestly think it's worse than the first draft! Nevertheless.

I canceled a lunch with friends to catch up on extra reading and sleep, but Kevin and I did make it out to a wine bar with M and X and X's girlfriend S. It occurs to me I should probably try to avoid real names when this is still public. I should just make this private. Anyway, the wine bar was nice, and the wine was nice, and we ended up shouting a lot about politics, though we all largely agreed. Good times.

Another work event on Monday with an offsite post-program dinner at a lovely French restaurant downtown. Met a cute AI seal, mingled with rich folk, bonded with one of our speakers about hockey. (He's a Canucks fan, poor guy.) Didn't get home 'til 11! So I took a shorter day on Tuesday. But this week has mostly remained busy in the lead up to our major fundraising gala, the Tiger Ball, on Friday. I went through an ordeal with Rent the Runway for my dress, but I do have it! The one I'm going to wear tomorrow is a high-low cut with a cute criss-crossed back and pockets. I wish it were full red instead of a red and white lace pattern, but oh well.

Finished City of Thieves yesterday and it was strange, absurd, disturbing, funny, sad, but I enjoyed it. Set during WWII's Siege of Leningrad, two thieves are sent by a colonel on a hunt for a dozen eggs. So many more books await me!
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Taemin's new song/dance is slutty as hell and I love it.

Read Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend on Friday, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han on Saturday, and both were delightful in very different ways and made me happy. Meant to read or at least start City of Thieves by David Benioff on Sunday but instead I took a sharp detour into BNHA fic even though I know nothing about the canon or the characters, really. It was a strange experience.

Made baked maple mustard chicken thighs tonight with some roasted vegetables (squash, tomato, onion) and wrapped a piece of jalapeno bacon around the chicken at the very end. It was all very tasty! Small thighs and more vegetables, so I'll count it in the relatively healthy column. Now what to make for tomorrow...something Tex-Mex with the leftover chicken plus black beans and corn, maybe.

I had some thoughts about sports...mostly how it's a trap.

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