canes win!

Apr. 16th, 2019 07:04 pm
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Canes got their first playoff win in 10 years! It was a very exciting home game for them, plus they performed excellently with a 5-0 win over Washington, bringing the series to 2-1. I watched at Houston's one hockey bar (The Maple Leaf Pub, owned by Canadians naturally) last night with a couple coworkers. One of their husbands was a Caps fan, and I was in my Canes jersey, but we had a good time.

A busy end to April at work, but I'm excited about the books I've got lined up and the events I've got going on. Though I'm currently staring at my shopping cart wondering if I need these new work clothes even though they're really cute and on sale. Retail therapy isn't always the answer, Mei!
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My January - March 2019 book round up is here. I started talking books today with a coworker, who linked me to her GoodReads and asked if I had one of my own. Thankfully, no. Not even because I'd rather my coworkers not be able to see all the things I read (genre fiction is one thing, which I'm happy to own, but the scads of middling m/m is quite another). I sent her some of my favorite books from last year and mentioned a few favorite authors; in return she shared some of her favorites. She tends more toward nonfiction memoirs and more literary fiction (she really loves Celeste Ng), which is not really my preferred reading material to pass time, but I may add a few to my To Read list anyhow. Anyway, with a place like GoodReads I'd spend more time obsessing about organizing my lists and feeling pressure about rating books, which I'd prefer to avoid. I

Took time out of a busy week to watch Howl's Moving Castle with Kevin! His second Miyazaki movie after finally watching Spirited Away last year. Both movies I am very fond of, and he liked this one a lot as well. Fun fact: Howl is voiced by Christian Bale! The dub's not bad, plus it was the only version showing tonight, which was the only day we could catch the screening. It works out, either way.

Stanley Cup playoffs began tonight! CBJ beat Tampa, damn. Go Blues in the West, Canes in the East.

happy april

Apr. 2nd, 2019 07:45 pm
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Need to do my three-month book post to summarize the first quarter of the year. But also I should tackle my current reading list since it's a slower week at work this week, before it picks up and gets hectic for the rest of the month. Social obligations, work meetings, four programs in the last two week period! Plus Sarah is visiting to join me for the Epik High concert, which I'm excited about. I gotta go get reacquainted with their newer music.

Once May hits, I'll need to do a lot of prepping for our summer YLI programs and also make sure everything is set and ready to go for our two May programs, the first of which I will miss by flying to China and the second which will occur two days after I return from China. So won't have time to work on those except ahead of time.

I got two dresses from eShakti to test and they are cute, and fit, and have pockets! So it's nice to know they're a good source in the future if I need, but for the time being, I don't really need that many more dresses or clothes, really.

I can't believe it's April! It started off so cold, but it's going to get right back into the warm/verging on hot weather. I am trying to squeeze a few days of milder spring weather out of this mess and enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot and humid.

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