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Here, in the Houston metro area, but 30 miles to the north, we survived Hurricane Harvey and are very lucky and very grateful to come through with no damage. I was out of town when the storm hit on a mini law school reunion with friends in Denver. Husband rode it out with our cat and was fortunate enough to never lose power or water. My flight home was canceled so I flew from Denver to DC to crash with friends and finally got home yesterday to find all was well, including my car which had been parked at an off-airport lot.

It was surreal to keep up with the news and see such familiar parts of Houston under water and so badly affected. There's a long road to recovery, but at least we're slowly on the way to normal now after the rain. It sometimes feels like a double life to both be worried and also to resume my normal routine, so fortunately mostly untouched by this tragedy.

Here are some great local Houston organizations to donate to, in addition to the national organizations being named.


Jul. 12th, 2017 04:02 pm
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Cutting our cable was one of the best things we've done, saving us over $100 on our monthly bill, although I missed having the sports packages during the NCAA tournament and Stanley Cup Playoffs. But once the regular season starts up again, I have streaming via the NHL app for my Canes games since they're never on national TV/blacked out, and that should be sufficient. I really don't follow hockey as closely as I did when I was in the RPF fandom, and it's better that way.

The main thing I miss is our DVR and ability to record shows, primarily Jeopardy! It airs at 3PM here, which is bizarrely early, and Wheel of Fortune airs at 6:30PM. It's the only place I've lived that actually aired those two programs separately rather than back-to-back. I miss Jeopardy! I grew up watching it with my family and enjoy that it sort of makes knowing general trivia cool.

This was a nice article about it, but I most resonate with the top comment. It's also one of the few cultural touchstones I have with "real" America, or main street America, or whatever other euphemism we're using for the demographic we describe as the opposite of the coastal elite.

Lately, the days are routine but my attention is scattered, and I don't know what life is supposed to look or feel like. Am I doing this right? Well, we proceed regardless, and if I can gather the courage and the discipline to change things, perhaps I will. Change still happens.
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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter this week by reading this long AU fic, Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run. So far it's got good character dynamics and H/D UST, but seems to lack plot direction. I've also seen, in fandom at large, more instances of "rein" misspelled as "reign" and "poring" as "pouring" that these days the correct spelling might actually throw me off more. It's still an instinctive flinch though.

After I finish this, still so many books to read! I am perpetually distracted by the internet and Star Trek, however. Also Vassalord! The manga about vampires who are also vampire hunters, and one is part-cyborg, and there is a pseudo incestuous relationship where the blood-drinking is an allegory for fucking? And possibly plot, but god knows what that plot is.

Always reading -- or wasting time on the internet. Better to be reading!

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