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★mei ([personal profile] meitachi) wrote2017-09-03 08:29 pm

houston, in the aftermath

Here, in the Houston metro area, but 30 miles to the north, we survived Hurricane Harvey and are very lucky and very grateful to come through with no damage. I was out of town when the storm hit on a mini law school reunion with friends in Denver. Husband rode it out with our cat and was fortunate enough to never lose power or water. My flight home was canceled so I flew from Denver to DC to crash with friends and finally got home yesterday to find all was well, including my car which had been parked at an off-airport lot.

It was surreal to keep up with the news and see such familiar parts of Houston under water and so badly affected. There's a long road to recovery, but at least we're slowly on the way to normal now after the rain. It sometimes feels like a double life to both be worried and also to resume my normal routine, so fortunately mostly untouched by this tragedy.

Here are some great local Houston organizations to donate to, in addition to the national organizations being named.